Tips to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the car

Tips to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the car

Tips to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the car

Get everything out of the car

In a later step a deep clean is advised, but before we can do that, we effectively need a clean slate. Get everything that’s in the car out and sort them in piles of what needs to be put back in and what doesn’t. Put on your gloves, face mask and eye protectors here if you have them.

This step may seem trivial but almost every object and surface can harbor bacteria and germs, something you may have in your car may have been infected somewhere else such as a gym bag, hats and gloves, clothes, school bags, used tissues and even food! It’s just not worth the risk.

For everything that’s going back in, wash them however is appropriate and wipe them all down with some antibacterial wipes and spray. Just so we know that no stone has been left unturned why not wipe down the things which are destined to go back in the house and for anything else – bin it!

Clean the insides

It’s widely known that COVID-19 spreads via water droplets which stick to surfaces and then transmit to any person coming in contact with that surface. Anyone infected with COVID-19 could easily spread it all throughout the car without realizing it, especially if they have had no symptoms and assume, they don’t have it.

The Coronavirus disease in these droplets can live from 24 hours up to 3 days.

Give the inside of the car a thorough clear out – hoover all of the bits up and wipe down every surface with antibacterial wipes or spray including upholstery and especially the busiest areas which get touched a lot such as the steering wheel, handbrake, cupholders, entertainment system, knobs and switches, gear stick, glove box, seat adjusters… The list goes on.

It is recommended to wear disposable gloves and a facemask and if possible, to cover your eyes as you’re doing all the clearing out to limit you inadvertently moving and activating some of these dormant droplets.

Wipe the car keys, regularly

Car keys come into contact with hands regularly so ensure you wipe them regularly. Wipe twice after getting out and before getting back into the car again.  Don’t let anyone else handle your car keys.

Wipe exterior high contact areas

Taking your car for a car wash isn’t enough to get rid of any infectious droplets nor would being exposed to the elements on the drive or on the road. Spray and wipe all high contact areas such as the door handles, boot lid, bonnet then if you really want to you can take it for a car wash to get off any smears left over from the antibacterial agent.

Change driving habits

Once the car is cleaned thoroughly, it can still be infected with Coronavirus later on as the antibacterial agent doesn’t last forever and the pandemic could go on for months and years. At this stage, it’s important to change driving habits much like we are already changing our hygiene habits at home and at work.

Here are some tips:

  • Regularly wipe everything and make sure this activity isn’t a one-off – this pandemic isn’t going away any time soon!
  • Wipe everything new coming in and out of the car every time
  • Keep hand sanitizer in the car for daily use, use it first thing when you get in the car and the last thing before you exit the car
  • Have a handkerchief or toilet paper in the car to catch coughs and sneezes and toss it in a bin it at the end of the journey
  • Avoid ferrying passengers that have any symptoms of COVID-19.

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